Blossom Meditation
Close your eyes if it feels comfortable to you . . .
And quietly feel your awareness of being here, sitting on this couch or chair.
Sit erect, with the quiet dignity of a queen or a king. Feel your body, as it makes contact with the couch. Feel your arms and legs and feet as they make contact with the couch or floor or other parts of your body. And bring your attention to your breathing,
Let your breathing be relaxed and easy.
And see if you can keep your attention there . . . On the breath.
Be aware of the in breath as it goes all the way in . . .
And be aware of the out breath, as it goes all the way out
Just relaxed breathing and the awareness of the breathing.
And now, let yourself think of walking into a beautiful garden on a pleasant spring day.
It's beautiful and peaceful. It's quiet and it's safe.
As you walk through the garden, seeing the blossoms and leaves and flowers, you see a very comfortable bed among the leaves,
A bed that is very welcoming and appears to be for you.
It calls you to rest in the midst of all the beauty and peace. It calls you to rest. To rest.
You approach and sit on the edge of the bed.
It feels so good that you lie down on your back, looking up at the tree branches overhead and the sky.
As you lie there, looking up, you hear the sounds of nature, the breeze in the trees, and water flowing in a nearby brook, birds singing . . . Beautiful restful sounds. The air is warm, but not too warm, it's cool, but not too cool.
You have never felt more relaxed and at ease.
You are just at peace . . . Letting your breath deepen and your worries and concerns disappear.
As you lie there, looking up at high green branches, you see a blossom fall from the tree.
It slowly floats and falls and eventually lands softly and beautifully on your abdomen.
You are aware of it rising and falling. Raising and falling. Rising slowly as you breathe in, and falling slowly as you breathe out.
Just be with this beautiful blossom, raising and falling. Keep your attention on it, all the way up on the in-breath, and all the way down on the out-breath.
At times, your attention will be pulled away from your breath, from the blossom. That's OK. That's what minds do. They fly from here to there having thoughts.
But when you recognize that that has happened, that your attention is no longer on your breath, just gently bring it back.
As many times as your attention strays away from your breathing . . . Gently bring it back that many times. Back to the breath, back to the blossom.
When you're very relaxed like this, when your mind and body are one, your inner wisdom is called forth. Your inner wisdom becomes stronger as your mind is present to the rising and falling of your breath, of your blossom.
When you are very relaxed like this, when your mind and body are one, the healing energy of the universe comes forth. The healing energy becomes stronger as your mind is present to the rising and falling of your breath, your blossom.
Relaxed. Hearing the sounds of nature. Experiencing your own inner wisdom. And allowing the healing. Wave upon wave of healing. And so you remain in the garden. Just being here. Just breathing. Just watching the rising and falling of your breath, your blossom, And returning your attention to the breath every time it leaves. Stay in this place for as long as you like. Then, when you are ready, return your attention to this room. And when it feels right, open your eyes.
And remember . . . This peace, this comfort, this wisdom, this healing . . . They're all inside you. You can call them to yourself at any time