A Meditation: The Temple of Silence in a Busy Town
Imagine that you are in a busy town. Realize vividly the abundance of stimuli bombarding you as you walk down the street.
You see the people and the cars and the signs; you hear the noise of the traffic and the voices; you notice the shop windows, with their varieties of merchandise. You see a newsstand teeming with pictures and titles. You see a florist displaying flowers of all kinds. You may even see people you know amidst the crowd, but they are intent on their own affairs and so pass by without noticing you. You may even see yourself. Then, approaching the very center of this busy town, you come across a building different from the rest. It is the Temple of Silence. In the very midst of the noise and the activity, you have found an island of perfect stillness: inside the temple the silence is so complete and so real that it is almost tangible.
As soon as you enter the temple, you are immediately out of the hustle and bustle and immersed in an atmosphere of timeless quiet. The silence that greets and pervades you like a wordless caress easily and effortlessly penetrates the most hidden recesses of your being. You feel this silence soothing you, reaching deeply into the very structures of your mind, liberating you of the hold it may have on you, so that you feel free and all is still. You remain in the silence for a while. You listen to the silence. You become the silence. After a while, you decide to leave the temple and go back to the busy world outside. Finding yourself once again immersed in the traffic and the crowd, you notice how your general feeling is different than before you entered the temple.
From “What We May Be” by Pierro Ferrucci