A Meditation: The Temple of Silence
Imagine a hill covered with greenery. A path leads to the top, where you can see the Temple of Silence. Give that temple the shape of your highest consciousness: noble, harmonious, and radiant. It is a spring morning, sunny and pleasantly warm. Notice how you are dressed. Become conscious of your body ascending the path, and feel the contact of your feet with the ground. Feel the breeze on your cheeks. Look about you at the trees and the bushes, the grass, and the wildflowers as you go up.
You are now approaching the top of the hill. Ageless stillness pervades the atmosphere of the Temple of Silence. No word has even been uttered here. You are close to its big wooden portals: see your hands on them and feel the wood. Before opening the doors, know that when you do so, you will be surrounded by silence. You enter the temple. You feel the atmosphere of stillness and peace all around you. Now you walk forward into the silence, looking about you as you go. You see a big, luminous dome. Its luminosity not only comes from the rays of the sun, but also seems to spring from within and to be concentrated in an area of radiance just in front of you. You enter this luminous silence and feel absorbed by it. Beams of beneficent, warm, powerful light are enveloping you. Let this luminous silence pervade you. Feel it flowing through your veins and permeating every cell in your body.
Remain in this luminous silence for two or three minutes, recollected and alert. During this time, listen to the silence. Silence is a living quality, not just the mere absence of sounds. Slowly leave the area of radiance; walk back through the temple and out the portals. Outside, open yourself to the impact of the spring, feel its gentle breeze once more on your cheek, and listen to the singing of the birds.
From “What We May Be” by Pierro Ferrucci