A Meditative Visit to the Temple of Healing
Imagine you are magically transported to a beautiful healing temple or power spot, a place of great wisdom and love. Take as much time as you need to sense it, feel it, picture it, in any way that feels good to you. Sense yourself sitting there, restfully and attentively. As you sit at this temple, this place of great wisdom, begin to reflect on your own life!s journey more deeply. Gradually let yourself be aware of the wounds you carry that will require healing in the course of your journey.
Breathe softly, and gently feel whatever arises. As you sit, a wonderful and wise being from this healing temple will gently approach you. When this being comes quite near, you can picture or imagine or sense who or what they are. They will bow lightly and then come over and put the gentlest hand on you. With their most loving care, let them attend to your sorrows. Let them teach you their healing touch. You can also take your own hand as you sit at that temple and imagine bringing it to a place of sorrow or difficulty, touching that place with your hand as if YOU yourself were that beautiful being. Know that no matter how many times you have buried or resisted your sorrow, no matter how many times you have greeted it with your hatred, you can finally open to it.
Let your attention become like the hands of this wonderful wise being. Touch this place of sorrow with softness and tenderness. As you touch it, explore what is there. Is it warm or cool there? Is it hard, tight, or is it soft? Is it vibrating or moving, or is it still? Let your awareness be like the loving touch of Jesus or Buddha or the Goddess of Compassion, or Mother Mary. What is the temperature and texture of this sorrow? What color is there to be felt? What feelings are there to be felt? Let yourself become aware of all your feelings with a very loving and receptive heart. Let them be anything they need to be.
Then very gently and softly, touch this place of sorrow with pure sweetness. Let yourself sit peacefully, opening your heart and rest in this temple, allowing your healing and compassionate attention to bring you wave upon wave of healing. Stay as long as you wish. When you are ready to leave, imagine yourself bowing with gratitude.
As you leave, remember this temple is inside you. You can always go there.
Adapted from “A Path with Heart” by Jack Kornfield